3 Secret Spots in Bangkok You Should Visit

No matter how many times you have visited Bangkok, this busy capital city is one which you will not get bored of easily. There are always some new things for you to discover, from Hong Kong-inspired bars to back-alley cafés. 

Check out these 3 hidden gems you should visit in Bangkok: Ba Hao, So Heng Tai, and Lhong Tou Cafe. 

Ba Hao

To be your favorite, friendly, affordable Chinese-inspired comfort bar food, Ba Hao combines old-time favorite snacks with China’s popular street food to recreate its own savory and sweet dishes. It also offers tea, craft beer, and Chinese signature cocktails. The name “Ba Hao” means number 8, a lucky number for Chinese. 

This contemporary shophouse no.8 was renovated from the old buildings, existing for more than 70 years. The building was decorated in Chinese theme with neon-red Chinese characters and everyday objects used by the Chinese.

Cr. ba-hao.com

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The recommended dishes are crispy Xiao Patongko, which tastes best with cold beer or cocktail, and signature Szechuan-style Duck Wontons. For desserts, try Sesame Dumplings and its signature Soy Pudding with Goji Berry Syrup. 

Cr. Ba hao 八號

Sesame Dumplings

Cr. Ba hao 八號

Soy Pudding with Goji Berry Syrup

Cr. ba-hao.com

If you prefer a strong alcoholic flavor, the Opium cocktail may be right for you. However, if you are not an alcohol fan, you may opt for a mocktail. Vegetarian and vegan options are available here. 

Opium cocktail

Cr. www.ba-hao.com

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11:30 AM – 12 AM

Location: 8 Soi Nana (Chinatown) Mitrichit Road, Bangkok

Starting Price: 148THB for dish, 100+ THB for alcoholic drinks

So Heng Tai

The oldest Chinese courtyard mansion, So Heng Tai, is one of the very few traditional Hokkien-style houses left in Bangkok. More than 250 years ago, this place was used as a residence and a center for trading and tax collection. With great effort in preserving this valuable asset, all the original features of the historical mansion remain in good condition.

The Mansion Entrance

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 In 2004, the place was converted into a dive school by scuba diving instructor Poosak Posayachinda. He is also the current house owner and 8th generation of the family. Hence, you will see the 4-meter deep scuba diving pool, located right in the middle of its courtyard. 

Cr. โซว เฮง ไถ่ So Heng Tai

He later opened this place for the public to learn more about the history of Thai-Chinese culture. This mansion is evidence of the aspiration and hard work of his ancestors who first arrived in Thailand with nothing. He also opened a small coffee shop downstairs to fund the conservation of the place. While enjoying the cold beverages on a hot day and taking instagrammable shots, don’t forget to take some time to appreciate the culture and history this secret spot has to offer!

Cr. khaosod.co.th

Opening Hours: Tues- Sun 9 AM – 6 PM

Location: 282 Vanich 2 Alley, Talat Noi, Bangkok

Starting Price: 50 THB for drinks

Lhong Tou Café

Another secret spot in Bangkok can’t be anywhere but the stylish Lhong Tou Café. It is named “Lhong Tou,” which means dragon’s head as it is located at the corner of Chinatown.

Recently opened in 2018, this modern cafe is known for its delicious food and creative interior design. Apart from the mood and tone of the cafe, another important highlight is the unique double-decked seats. It is no wonder that this instagrammable place is popular among the local teenagers and young adults.

Cr. sanook.com

 If you are looking for a light meal, we recommend the Chinese Breakfast Set, which comes with a bowl of hot porridge and many sides. Other must-try menus are Mini BBQ Pork, Lhong Tou Shumai, and Wonton Soup. However, if you are not here for savory dim sum, you should try Egg Lava Bun ordered by almost every table, Mandarin Orange Cake, and Chestnut Tart.  For the drinks, try the Thai Milk Tea topped with peanut candy bits, enhancing its flavor and providing the crunch. 

Cr. Lhong Tou Cafe

Opening Hours: Everyday 10 AM – 10 PM

Location: 538 Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

Starting Price: 29 THB for dimsum, 60 THB for drinks

After reading this article, you may want to revise your thought that Bangkok is only famous for street food and shopping. It has so much more than that! So, if you are looking for new secret spots in Bangkok during your visit, make sure you have these 3 places on your list! 

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