4 Adventurous Outdoor Activities In Phuket

Thinking that Phuket is all about fabulous beaches, majestic Chino-Portuguese architecture, and sacred religious sites? Then, you are not quite right! This southern island has so much more to offer you. Home to various adventurous outdoor activities, it is where you can have loads of fun and lots of excitement!

So, what are some exciting activities waiting for you in Phuket? Let’s find out more about the following: Hanuman World Phuket, Phuket Wake Park, Visit Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, and Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket. 

Hanuman World Phuket

If you are looking for a thrilling experience to get your adrenaline going, Hanuman World, the biggest zipline park in Thailand,  is the right place for you. 

Here, you can expect a wide range of adventurous activities, including zipline, abseil, roller coaster, and skywalk. 

Cr. Hanuman World

There are 3 different packages (World A, World B, World C) for you to choose from, where each differs in the number of activities and playtime. We would recommend the World A package to experience fun and excitement to the fullest. 

Under the World A package, you will have access to 30 platforms, ride 16 ziplines, 2 honeymoon sling, jungle roller coaster, and abseil. Other stations are sky bridges and spiral staircase. Apart from welcoming drinks and fruits, this package also serves Thai lunch. All packages provide round-trip transport as well. 

Cr. Hanuman World

One of their highlights is the Rainforest Sky Walk, situated 40 meters above the ground. Stood in the heart of jungles, this sky bridge lets you move about the treetops like Hanuman (monkey god) while immersing yourself in nature and breathing in the fresh air. 

Cr. Hanuman World

Lastly, rest assured that all staff here are professional and highly trained to provide comfort and safety to all brave adventurers. 

Starting Price: 1,590 THB

Opening Hours: Daily, 8 AM – 5 PM

Location: 105, Muang Chao Fah Road, Wichit

Phuket Wake Park

For those loving extreme water sports, Phuket Wake Park is a place you must not miss! Being one of the best wake parks in Asia, it has a large freshwater O-shaped lake well-equipped with full-sized cable and 12 obstacles for you to challenge yourself. Moreover, their cable speeds start at 28 km/h! 

Cr. Phuket Wake Park

Here, both beginners and experts are welcomed. For first-timers, fret not as there is a program designed specifically for you. It consists of 30-minute private training and 1-hour on a big cable. 

There are also lessons offered by professional coaches for those who want to pick up wakeboarding skills. Children can enroll in Kids Wake School and Kids Wake Camp as well. 

Cr. Phuket Wake Park

Other facilities and services available at Phuket Wake Park are training zone, board rent, board shop, accommodation, swimming pool, restaurants, and massage facilities. 

Starting Price: 400 THB

Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs, 12 PM – 6PM & Fri – Sun, 9 AM – 6 PM 

Location: 86, Wichit Songkhram Road, Kathu

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Being the first ethical sanctuary for elephants in Phuket, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is home to overtired elephants who have suffered from strenuous work in the logging and tourism industry. 

Apart from rescuing and looking after injured and retired elephants, they also host diverse activities for the public to participate in ecotourism and learn more about the importance of elephant protection. 

Cr. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Some half-day programs offered are a morning/ afternoon program with the elephants and a hands-off experience. 

For the former, after watching an educational video presentation to prepare you before encountering elephants, you will get to explore the sanctuary, respectfully observe elephants, and feed them. You also have opportunities to take photos with the lovely elephants. 

Cr. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Other interesting programs include One Day In The Life Of An Asian Elephant, where you can learn further about the communication and behavior of elephants, and the popular PES Canopy Walkway Program. You can engage in their volunteer programs too.

Cr. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

While each program’s itinerary may differ, all aim to support future rescues and elephant welfare in Thailand. 

Starting Price: 1,900 THB (adults), 950 THB (children 4-12 years)

(prices differ depending on program selected)

Operating Hours: Daily, 9.30 AM – 1 PM & 1.30 PM – 5 PM

Location: 100, Paklok, Thalang

Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket

For brave souls that love high element activities, you will likely fall in love with Jungle Bungy Jump, where the jump rises 50 meters above a natural lagoon surrounded by lush jungle! 

During your way down, try not to close your eyes, and you will be impressed by the bird-eye view of the beautiful scenery. 

Cr. phuket-travel-secrets.com

At Jungle Bungy Jump, you have a wide range of bungee jump options to choose from. They are Classic Solo Bungy Jump, Water Touch Bungy Jump, Catapult Bungy Jump, and Tandem Bungy Jump. 

While the Classic Solo Bungy Jump is the jump that you are most familiar with, the Water Touch Bungy Jump is more exciting as jumpers can choose to be partially dipped into the water and get wet.

However, if the idea of leaping off from the top seems a little too scary for you, you can also opt for an equally fun version – Catapult Bungy Jump, where you will start from the ground and be flung into the air. 

Moreover, what would be better than bungee jumping with friends? So, if you travel with groups of friends or even family, do consider Tandem Bungy Jump to spice up your experience. Also, don’t forget to snap some instagrammable shots of you and your friends in action! 

Cr. hotels.com

Starting Price: 2200 THB

Opening Hours: Daily, 9 AM – 6 PM

Location: 61/3 Wichitsongkram, Kathu

Don’t they all sound very fun? To all adventurers out there, get ready and don’t miss these adventurous activities during your trip to Phuket!

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