4 Must-Try Northern Thai Food In Chiang Mai

Apart from being a cultural hub, Chiang Mai is also full of great authentic food. In other words, if you are exploring unique Thai cuisine, a visit to Chiang Mai will not disappoint you! Here, you will find Northern food, which has a unique flavor and is influenced by neighboring countries: Myanmar, China, and Laos. Some describe Northern Thai food as “Lanna” flavor. Below is a list of the must-try Northern food in Chiang Mai. 

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  1. Khao Soi 

Khao Soi is one of the most famous Northern Thai dishes. For some people, they travel to Chiang Mai  just to eat Khao Soi. This savory Northern Thai noodles is served with mild spicy coconut curry. Most of the time, it comes with chicken or beef. At some stalls, however, you have an option of seafood or pork as well. It is also topped with crispy fried noodles and accompanied by chili oil, fresh lime wedge, roasted chilies, shallots, and pickled cabbage.

Recommended Spot: 

Khao Soi Khun Yai

Location: Chiang Mai Old City Sripoom Road, directly after Sripoom Soi 8

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (closed on Sundays)

Price:  from THB 40

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2. Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow

Another Northern Thai dish that you cannot resist yourself eating is Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow. This Thai vermicelli noodles dish comes in a broth that comprises stewed tomatoes, soybean paste, pork blood curd, and pork ribs. It is fully packed with smokey and tangy flavor.

You will experience the mild spicy taste from the rusty red broth yet feel refreshed from the tomato base. 

Recommended Spot: 

Nam Ngiew Loong Pong

Location: Jhaban Road, Sriphoom Chiang Mai

Opening Hours: Everyday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Price: from THB 30

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3. Nam Prik Noom with Kep Moo (Crispy Pork Rinds)

While you can find chili pastes in every region of Thailand, the most well-known one in the northern region is Nam Prik Noom. This must-try signature dip has a milder spicy taste than other chili pastes. It is generally served with crispy pork rinds and vegetables.  

Nam Prik Noom is a thick green chili paste and made from roasted green chili, garlic, and shallots. Nam Prik Noom with crispy pork rinds and steamed vegetables is one of the best food combinations! 

Recommended Spot: 

Tong Tem Toh

Location: Nimmanahaeminda Road Soi 13, Chiang Mai

Opening Hours: Everyday from 11:00AM to 9:00PM

Price: from THB 65

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4. Sai Oua (Northern Thai Sausage)

Sai Oua is made of ground pork, dried chilies, garlic, shallots, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and galangal. These herbs give rise to Sai Oua’s identity of rich herbal aromas. Sai Oua is usually served as an appetizer together with sticky rice. You can find Sai Oua at almost every market in Chiang Mai. 

Recommended Spot: 

Sai Ua La Wan

Location: Ton Payom Market, behind Chiang Mai University, Tambon Suthep

Opening hours: Everyday from 8:00AM  to 5:00PM

Price: from THB 320 / 1 Kg.

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