5 Gorgeous Places in Phang Nga, Thailand

Neighboring Phuket, Phang Nga is another gem of Thailand’s south you need to explore. It’s home to serene beaches, incredible limestone rocks jutting to the sky, and lush jungles. So, if you’re already at Phuket or looking to disconnect from the daily grind and recharge with nature, then here are 5 breath-taking places to have your getaway in Phang Nga: 

1. Khao Lak 

For those looking to relax surrounded by picturesque views, then days spent at Khao Lak should leave you refreshed and rejuvenated for the new year. Stretching along the Andaman Sea, its beaches are mature for tourism yet still remain peaceful. Nature lovers can also explore its jungles and vibrant underwater world.

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2. Koh Yao Noi 

A peaceful paradise to escape from the crowds, Koh Yao Noi has an endless supply of beautiful views to treat your eyes. Mangrove trees and lovely sandy beaches wrap around the island. It’s also home to a close-knit community of locals, mainly fishermen and farmers, who keep the island’s development from overcrowding tourism. If you’re in Phuket, you can also easily do a day trip here with a local. Besides relaxing on the tranquil beaches, bike around the island past rows of gorgeous trees, or kayak on the lake to get in the lull of the slow life.

3. Similan Islands 

Perfect white sandy beaches and crystal blue water? The Similan Islands have all of them in spades. So popular are the beaches here that they are only open to the public for a set period, the latest opening being from 16 October this year to 15 May 2020.  So, make sure not to miss your slice of paradise and set your mind at peace to welcome the new year.

4. Phang Nga Bay 

While technically the islands mentioned so far are in Phang Nga Bay, if you want to explore the landscape of the bay itself, you can too. Add a dash of something different to your trip by set sailing on a traditional Chinese wooden schooner called the June Bahtra to see the magnificent limestone rocks on islets dotting the bay.

5. Sri Phang Nga National Park

Back on land, the Sri Phang Nga National Park is home to a wealth of forests, mountains, and waterfalls to put you instantly at peace. You’ll want to go waterfall-hopping, of course, but the views along the way are all worth it. While you’re exploring the terrains of Phang Nga, be sure to add in a spark of culture to your adventure too, such as visiting the 100-year-old market or a local’s home to try the local fresh fruits and food!

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