5 Low Carbon Travel Routes in Thailand

To revitalise Thailand’s tourism sector, low carbon tourism has been introduced as an up-to-date concept of travelling, aiming to be more environmentally friendly and to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by tourist activities. Without compromising on the quality of your travel experiences, low carbon travel routes have been designed to awaken your ‘heroic’ sense in promoting eco-friendly and memorable trips with your loved ones. Read on to find out which type of low carbon hero you are, and learn about the 5 different low carbon routes you can embark on to become a more responsible traveller. 

#1 Adventure – Chong Sadao Community Kanchanaburi

The first type of low carbon hero is Adventure. As the name suggests, Adventure Low Carbon heroes seek exciting and adrenaline-inducing experiences in destinations that boast an abundance of natural resources. For an eco-friendly and adventure-styled trip, you can venture out to Chong Sadao Community Kanchanaburi.

Located next to the Khwae Yai River, Chong Sadao Community Kanchanaburi is a green area that allows travellers to engage in non-fuel outdoor activities such as rafting, jungle trekking and tree planting. 

While enjoying the natural beauty of Srinakarin Dam, travellers can also learn how to raise box bees to protect the local farming area from being invaded by wild elephants. 

#2 Gastronomy – Takian Tia Community Chonburi

For gastronomy low-carbon heroes who wish to experience beautiful nature and indulge in healthy dishes derived from locally-sourced ingredients, Takian Tia Community Chonburi is the ideal place for you!

Not only will you be able to gain valuable knowledge about organic farming from environmentally-conscious farmers, but you will also be able to get hands-on experiences like peeling fresh coconuts and cooking delectable desserts in a low-carbon way. To reduce energy consumption, visitors can also cycle while enjoying the scenic landscape of the Chanthaboon waterfront.

#3 Slow Life – Baan Pa Miang Lampang

Next, “Slow Life” heroes are spontaneous individuals who like to take things at their own pace and enjoy a respite from the bustling city. Taking on a relaxing style of travelling, they like to spend time interacting and connecting with locals to learn more about their values and way of living. 

Located in the middle of the valley, Baan Pa Miang Lampang is a misty village that promises a timeless experience as you join the locals while they pick Assam tea leaves to cook local food and make pillows that aid in deodorization. 

To admire the peaceful scenery, you can engage in non-powered excursions like trekking, or attend village tours to learn more about how Arabica coffee is grown and harvested, since the coffee roasting serves as a source of income for the villagers.

#4 History – Phuket Old Town

Though Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in the world for its beautiful beaches, it also boasts scrumptious local cuisine and rich historical sites. For “History” heroes who wish to travel back in time and relish in historical tales of local cultural heritage, head over to Phuket Old Town to experience the way of Baba-Nyonya and delve into stories about the former Portuguese and Dutch tin trading site known as “Thung Kha”.

Other monuments in the vicinity include the Peranakannitat Museum, where individuals can learn more about Phuket native culture, as well as the Saeng Tham Shrine, a Taoist shrine where devotees pay respects to Chinese deities. Consisting mainly of on-foot activities, this serves as an educational and environmentally-friendly trip for “History” low-carbon heroes.

#5 – Wellness- Hong Hom Phaya Lanna Chiang Rai

To restore vitality to the mind and body, “Wellness” heroes can expect to undergo a combination of therapy and relaxation sessions at Hong Hom Phaya Lanna Chiang Rai, a local pharmacy centre that taps on Lanna Territory folk medical science and traditional practices, such as massage and herbal footbath therapy to treat ailments. 

Local experts will provide you with a detailed diagnosis before recommending the appropriate treatment. Coupled with beautiful natural aromas and a breezy open-air setting, Hong Hom Phaya Lanna Chiang Rai promises you an experience like no other. 

While travelling is an essential part of our lives especially as borders open up, it is also important to foster a sense of awareness to ensure that our activities do not adversely impact the environment. By embarking on these 5 low carbon travel routes, we are one step closer to becoming responsible and environmentally-friendly travellers!

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