5 of the Most Fun Things to do in Phuket! 

When it comes to islands in Thailand, Phuket is hard to miss. Not only is it the largest island with lots of beautiful beaches, but it’s also filled with vibrant Thai-Chinese heritage and mouth-watering food. 

So, ready for some time in the sun? Here are the top 5 things to do in Phuket that you can’t miss: 

1. Feel the pulse of Phuket at Karon Beach 

It’s not a Phuket trip without the beach! Karon Beach is where you’ll find pristine white sand and crystal clear water. You can enjoy the water going snorkeling or diving. Lined with quality restaurants and hotels, the options to treat yourself are plenty! Be sure to look for some great buys over at Karon Market too. Also, if you’re looking for an easy day trip from Phuket, try Koh Yao Noi for a peaceful escape, where sceneries are stunning and you can also bike across the island to a fishing village. 

2. Get full from the local food 

You don’t hear much about it, but Phuket is also a food paradise. Many of the locals here have Chinese ancestors. So, here’s where you’ll find some of the best dim sums in Thailand, and other local specialties such as dried porridge and Hokkien noodles. To save time and grab all the best bites, consider exploring with a local foodie who will bring you to their all-time favorite stalls you can’t find in any guides.    

3. Experience the rich Thai-Chinese culture 

Besides food, another valuable heritage is the myriad of temples and shrines that dot Phuket. Thai-Chinese locals worship both the Buddha and the Chinese gods. Get lost in the traditions, tales, and mesmerizing bold red of the structures. One of the most impressive temples to visit is Wat Chalong Temple, where you can find out about the popular local tale Luang Phor Chaem. 

4. Enjoy a breath-taking view visiting the Big Buddha

Atop a hill, the serene white marble Big Buddha statue sits, measuring up to 45 meters. Not only is it an important landmark in Phuket, but up there you can enjoy the gorgeous sweeping view of the island’s three bays that you can’t see anywhere else. If you’re looking for more prime viewpoints, don’t miss the Khao Rang and Kata viewpoints! 

5. Explore the colorful Old Phuket town 

The charming brightly-colored buildings here are the perfect backdrops to take insta-worthy photos! The Sino-Portuguese architecture, temples, and shrines make for a diverse cultural experience. But you’ll find pockets of the modern generation here too with boutique shophouses, cafes, and vintage shops. Walk the streets here and fall for the charms of Old Phuket Town! 

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