Amazing Thailand Happy Quarantine – 3 Fun Activities During Your ASQ Stay

Amazing Thailand Happy Quarantine

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a mini-site at to provide tourist information on planning, quarantine and taking trips post-quarantine, in addition to assistance and information constantly provided by TAT’s 29 overseas offices. A TAT Official LINE Account @happyquarantine and WeChat HappyQuarantine has been set up to provide information and reply to questions to quarantined tourists in English and Mandarin.

Amazing Thailand Happy Quarantine Happy DIY Set

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), together with the ASQ Thailand Club, is offering a ‘Happy DIY Set’ to foreign visitors who book and stay in Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) accommodation during the mandatory 14-day period after arriving in Thailand.

The ‘Happy DIY Set’ showcases Thai handicrafts from local communities around the kingdom. This is meant as a token of appreciation for visiting Thailand and to stimulate creativity during the 14-night stay at ASQ accommodation, which is required for all Thai nationals and foreigners visiting Thailand.

The Happy DIY Sets include an iconic Krajood woven bag from the Thale Noi Community in Phatthalung province; a set of cloth mask with neck strap (either a batik cloth mask from the Sao Thong Tong Community in Nakhon Si Thammarat and a pearl neck strap from Phuket, or an indigo-dyed cloth mask that comes with a neck strap made from an indigo-dyed bobbin from the Nakham Community in Sakon Nakhon); a pair of woven water hyacinth slippers from the Ban Non Champa Community in Buri Ram, and a set of Benjarong ceramic from Ban Don Kai Di Community in Samut Sakhon.

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The Amazing “Nang Yai”

In ancient times, “Nang Yai” was performed on royal occasions and only upper class people could watch this type of show but these days it is possible for everybody to see it.

“Nang” refers to the buffalo hide or cowhide which is tanned and perforated, then made into characters from the Ramayana. “Yai” means large in Thai, so “Nang Yai” means “Large shadow puppet.”

The performance technique of Nang Yai is a “shadow play” that narrates the story through song. The people (mostly men) who hold the puppets dance while displaying the shadow play through a translucent screen. Those who hold the puppets representing the characters of Ravanna or Yaksha characters dance and act harshly while those holding Varana characters (monkeys attaining the shape and valour of the gods and goddesses who created them) dance and act like monkeys.

On December 24, 2020, the Amazing Thailand Happy Quarantine had presented a show named “The Amazing Nang Yai” to quarantined tourists at the Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok. Guests had witnessed the grand show from the room’s balcony to create a distance that ensures safety for both the audiences and the performers.

If you are lucky, you may be able to catch “The Amazing Nang Yai” at your ASQ in future!

For more details on Amazing Thailand Happy Quarantine, click here:

Line Official Account: @happyquarantine
Wechat: happyquarantine

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