Ban Rak Thai Village


Located about 40km from Mae Hong Son or 250km from Chiang Mai is a beautiful village called Ban Rak Thai (Love Thai Village), also known as “Mae Aw”.

Ban Rak Thai is a small highland village with a beautiful lake set in a valley surrounded by hills and tea plantations. The village is famous for its magnificent views and tea cultivation.

The village resembles some parts of China, and is still heavily influenced by Chinese culture today, as it was founded by former Kuo Min Tang soldiers who migrated from Yunnan Province. Don’t be surprised to see the village dotted with signs written in Chinese.

In the mountainous terrain and cool climate, it will be a treat to explore the many picturesque tea plantations, sipping cups of premium brew at their tea houses.

Ban Rak Thai is the perfect place to escape from the relentless pace in the big city, to relax, unwind and let time come to a halt.

The easiest way to get to Ban Rak Thai is through tour operators from Mae Hong Son or Chiang Mai. Otherwise, you can rent a car or scooter but the steep windy mountain roads might be tricky for inexperienced drivers.

A cheaper option will be to catch the yellow pick-up truck from Mae Hong Son town at 130 baht with 2 trips daily at 8am and 11:15am.

The best time to visit is during the cold season (November – February). Be sure to bring along a sweater or jacket as it gets very cold after sunset.

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