3 Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok

A city in which Chinese people once migrated to and resided, Bangkok has been highly influenced by Chinese culture. With the festive ambiance, spirited cultural performance, and the company of Thai-Chinese families, Bangkok is undeniably a perfect place to spend your time during Chinese New Year. 

If you plan to visit Bangkok during your long CNY holidays, or happen to be in Bangkok around this period, check out these 3 best places to celebrate Chinese New Year: Yaowarat Chinatown, Talad Noi, and Kudi Chin & Khlong San.

Yaowarat Chinatown

Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown was home to the Chinese population, mainly the Teochew immigrants. It is currently a place where many Thai-Chinese families live. As Chinese culture has been passed down and preserved through multiple generations, you can find the most lively Chinese New Year celebration in Bangkok here. 

On the early days of Lunar New Year, you will see many people purchasing poultry and fruits from vendors along the street in preparation for worshipping the Gods and their ancestors. During the festival, you can enjoy watching the lion dance and dragon parade while hearing the loud firecracker bang from time to time.

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On the first day of Chinese New year, you should also visit and pray at Wat Leng Noei Yi, the largest and most significant Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok, for prosperity and luck. 

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Another thing you should not miss is trying tasty street food from local stalls along the vibrant Yaowarat street, brightened up with red lanterns. Apart from the fun, you will also get a new memorable experience!

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Talad Noi

Located on the periphery of Bangkok’s Chinatown, Talad Noi, or the little market in English, is one of the significant Thai-Chinese communities in Thailand. Many historic buildings can be found in this area, including the first branch of Siam Commercial Bank and the So Heng Tai Mansion. 

For a good start to your Chinese New Year, we recommend visiting Chow Sue Kong Shrine, the oldest Hokkien shrine in Thailand with preserved Qing dynasty architecture. Inside, you can worship Qing Shui Zu Shi and other Chinese Gods for fortune. 

Chow Sue Kong Shrine

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Another worth-visiting spot is Hon Wong Kung Shrine, also known as Rong Kuak Shrine. This riverside temple is built for Hon Wong Kung’s image, brought from China to Thailand by Hakka merchants in the early Rattanakosin period. Many worshippers come here to pray and give offerings. 

Hon Wong Kung Shrine: tripadvisor.com.sg

Recently, Talad Noi has become a cultural instagramable attraction among teenagers, hipsters, and tourists, given the Chinese heritage and street art full of graffiti. While visiting this neighborhood, you should also try stewed duck from the original Duck Noodle House! 

Kudi Chin and Khlong San

If you are looking to celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok with a more peaceful vibe, how about visiting Kudi Chin and Khlong San? 

More than 200 years ago, Kudi Chin was where the Thai-Portuguese community resided. It is a significant cultural hub with people from diverse religions and nationalities living together. 

Apart from Chinese shrines, one of the highlights here is the pink Santa Cruz Church. Built in 1770, this Roman Catholic Church is a legacy of Portuguese-Siamese relations. Its majestic architecture is a mix of Renaissance and Neoclassical styles, with an Italian dome similar to that of Florence Cathedral. 

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Also located along the Chao Phraya River, Khlong San offers you a new riverside hangout place, Lhong 1919 – Chinese Warehouse. Preserved Chinese architecture and graffiti have made this place become a popular educational attraction. On the ground floor, there are shops and museums displaying exhibitions such as traditional Chinese medicines. The Mazu shrine, the goddess of the sea, is in the courtyard. On the second floor, there is a collection of old Chinese drawings. Apart from these, there are many instagrammable corners for you to take photos of! 

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No matter what kind of Chinese New Year celebration you are looking for, Bangkok has something to offer, from lively to serene one. However, if you have time, we recommend you to visit all the 3 best places to celebrate your Chinese New Year in Bangkok. This is how to start the year right!

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