Chic Places to visit in Lampang


Lampang is one of the cities in Northern Thailand to visit if you seek a less touristy, more undiscovered destination. In recent years, Lampang has seen an increasing number of hipster cafes and stylish accommodation options, which makes it a great stop during your tour of the North. Here are some of them:

Old Town Lampang

Lampang is also known as “mueang rot ma”, which means “horse carriage city”. As the name suggests, one must-do activity will be to get on the horse-drawn carriage to explore the old town to appreciate the old architecture blending Chinese, Western and Burmese designs.

An icon that cannot be missed is Ratsadaphisek Bridge, a beautiful white bridge that has been around for over 100 years. It is cornered by four pillars which symbolize stability. This is the perfect spot for some beautiful photos.

Mixirista Coffee

Cr: Mixirista Coffee

Mixirista is a new minimalist cafe which opened in 2022. Here, customers can chill over food and drinks and learn about Lampang’s history, as Mixirista is modeled after Lampang Railway Station, one of Thailand’s oldest train stations, standing tall for almost a century. The design perfectly meshes Northern Thai and European styles with its beautiful curved structures.

Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum


Lampang is famous throughout Thailand for its ceramics and iconic ”chicken bowl” often seen when eating boat noodles. Although the bowls can be easily found anywhere in Lampang, visiting the first ceramic factory in the city allows visitors to learn about the rich history of its ceramic industry, the evolution of techniques and drawings, as well as observe how the bowls are made.


Cr: 233Poshtel

233Poshtel is both a cafe and hotel, trending with Thai youngsters. The unique space naturally draws crowds due to the abundance of Instagrammable spots around the property. 

This is the perfect place for a good night’s sleep for those looking for somewhere new and comfortable to spend the night. The modern wooden-themed rooms make you feel at ease the moment you step in.

Kad Kong Ta Walking Street

Kad Kong Ta is a walking street in Lampang that opens only on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Along both sides of the road, you will find plenty of local delicacies and handmade products, including clothes, artwork, and toys. Take time to admire the century-old wooden houses, as they combine colonial, Burmese, Shan, Chinese and Lanna architecture.

With all these amazing places to visit in Lampang, we hope you have been inspired to visit Thailand. For more recommendations on what to do around Thailand, visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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