Noen Maprang 

If you are looking for a break from the noisy, hectic and well populated city, Noen Maprang district in Phitsanulok should be on your list due to a peaceful place among scenic landscapes. 

Noen Maprang formerly was a lush jungle. Migrants from Nakhon Thai District and Loei province gradually moved in and set up villages just about 40 years ago. A stunning scenic landscape and comfortable weather make it a new haven off the beaten tracks. 

At Ban Mung, towering limestone peaks pop up among vast plain, surrounded by lush rice paddies, Flowers and plantation. This creates a beautiful scenery for dream pictures taken by travelers. Peaceful rural lifestyle offers a nice atmosphere to lean back and relax. Driving around for a picturesque view, you will be fascinated by the nature here. Mighty mountains amidst utmost peace of the wilderness sometime make you feel like a tiny creature in the vast world. At dusk, a long trail of bats flying out of caves in the mountain highlights the end of the day. 

Another famous Landmark of Noen Maprang is the swing on a tall tree with a background of the vast land down below. Located among rubber plantation and fruit orchards, Ban Rak Thai is another highlight of Phitsanulok. 

Get a glimpse of tranquility at Noen Maprang, you may fall in love with its nature. 

How to get there: Noen Maprang is 62 miles from Phitsanulok City via high way 12, 11 and 1295

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