Pak Prak: Historic Road of Kanchanaburi 
Take a stroll through the historic Village of Pak Prak, and be amazed by Kanchanaburi’s long History

On weekends, the peaceful community of Pak Prak in the heart of Kanchanaburi old town, turns vibrant when merchants occupy the quiet road and turn it into a market place. 

Merchandises available along the pedestrian street may not be different from other places. It is the street itself that is of particular Historical value. 

Pak Prak Community and Pak Phraek Road is the oldest community in Kanchanaburi. Pak Prak derived from the Chinese words “Pak Phek”, which meaning the crossroad. The community is dotted with ancient buildings from the early 20th-century architecture that combine elements of Chinese, European and Thai styles. More than 20 heritage buildings feature information boards explaining the artistic styles and detailing some of the history along the road. 

You will be amazed that some owners of these old buildings played roles in the World War II as well. One of the outstanding personalities is Boonpong Sirivejabhand, who risked his well-being by forwarding secret messages from POWs (Prisoners of war) to their governments. 

These buildings are full of stories of how some Kanchanaburi residents interacted with both the Japanese military and the POWs during the war, which is not available in most museums. 

How to get there: Kanchanaburi is 125 kilometer west of Bangkok via Highway 4 and 323. Trains run daily from Bangkok Station to Kanchanaburi.

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