“Roukh Kiri” The new resort surrounded by great sceneries of mountains and greeneries in Khao Yai

With the 12-villa barn-design resort prudently curated, Roukh Kiri has become an absolute luxury by its simplicity of design that comes under the concept of “getting closer to nature.”

The resort is cozily surrounded by great sceneries of mountains and greeneries embraced all around the Khao Yai National Park. The gentle wind breeze and warm, peaceful hug of nature embrace and welcomes you for this memorable getaway from the hectic city life!

Roukh Kiri accommodates stayers with immerse facilities and services. Accompanied by pool villas with indulging 360 panoramic views, a fireplace connected with an open-air restaurant with bars stuffed with local organic vegetable garden.

We take deep consideration of sustainability and environmental care. Aiming to promote philanthropic insights to advanced protection of the environment.

For further information and reservation, kindly visit www.roukh.com

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