Unbox your Spirituality: Top 7 Ways to Have a Relaxing Thai Holiday

Buddhist Bells

Thailand is often known for its delectable cuisine, exciting parties, pristine beaches and the lovely warmth of the people. However, did you know it is also world famous for its meditation retreats, spas, parks, and massage parlors? To help you, here’s our list the best ways for you to relax in the Land of Smiles.

1.) Connect with your inner self through yoga and meditation

In Buddhism, meditation is intertwined into daily life and is sustained until the today. With balance and wellbeing as the philosophy to Buddhist life, weary and hardworking locals and non-Buddhist visitors are looking to leave behind the hectic city life through meditation and yoga. With offerings ranging from free sessions to comprehensive retreats, more locals of all ages are connecting more with their inner self through meditation and yoga in places such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

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Also, The Kamalaya is an award-winning luxury meditation resort, located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. This resort specialises in customized treatments by medical professionals. Retreats in The Kamalaya range from yoga, meditation, massage, health treatments as well as private consultations.

2.) Go to a spa and massage place for a relaxing experience

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As we’ve mentioned before, Thailand is home to some of the best massage parlors in the world. Traditional Thai massages are perhaps one of the best things about traveling in Thailand. They are incredibly relaxing, and an experience you cannot miss out on. Having a traditional Thai massage is one of those bucket list things for anyone visiting the Land of Smiles. You can even get a one-of-a-kind Muay Thai Massage with a professional if you’re looking for something new and different. 

3.) Learn how to massage with a pro

Have you ever had the feeling of how your Thai masseuse cured that niggling back pain you had for so long? Well, you can learn how to massage with a professional certified massage therapist. This will especially be useful for you should your friends or loved ones require your newly-picked-up skill.    

4.) Participate in a Thai herbal compress making class

Herbal healing has always been playing an essential role in the culture in the Kingdom for centuries. These practices are especially common in Buddhist monasteries and traditional medicinal and massage schools. This is a chance for you to learn how to make herbal compresses along with learning the history and the significance of traditional Thai herbal remedies that have always been omnipresent throughout Thailand.

5.) Get a blind massage  

If you think traditional Thai massages are too mainstream, then you can give blind massages a try! Just like normal massages, you will get a massage by professional blind masseuse with more than 20 years honing their unique talent. The experience will be unlike any other as they will fully focus on their sense of touch to make you feel comfortable and sink into a deeper state of relaxation. If you’re in Bangkok or Chiang Mai and in need of a massage, a unique blind massage might be the best alternative for you! 

6.) Visit Singha Park in Chiang Rai

Singha Park

Singha Park is a property of Boon Rawd Brewery, the manufacturer of the famed Singha Beer. Actually, the park is all about agro-tourism and you’ll find fruit orchards, vegetable farms, flower fields, tea plantations and also family attractions. It also hosts many events such as Singha Park International Balloon Fiesta which takes place every February of each year. Don’t forget to try their fresh produce when you give Singha Park a visit.

7.) Choui Fong Tea Plantation


Also in Chiang Rai, Choui Fong Tea Plantation has been going strong for over 40 years. It is the biggest and undeniably the most beautiful tea plantation in Chiang Rai. There are two branches, one in Mae Fah Luang and the other in Mae Chan, with the latter being over 1 square meters large. The tea plants are grown on descending hills, and if you visit the Mae Chan branch, don’t miss its restaurant located on-site. Sit on the terrace overlooking the tea lots, slurp green tea smoothies and savor other tea-based desserts such as green tea tiramisu.

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