4 Must Visit Beaches in Samui

4 beaches in Samui

The vast coastline of Samui holds some of the island’s most beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists every year. Coupled with the year-long tropical climate, it’s no wonder that Samui is on every traveler’s bucket list.

Boasting not just powdery white sand beaches, but excellent accommodation and dining options as well, there’s a lot of choices to choose from for every type of traveler visiting the island. Take a look at our list to know Samui’s must-visit beaches and pick the best one for you!


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First up is the Chaweng Beach. Known for its 5-km-long strip of white sand, Chaweng is the most developed and most popular among Samui’s beaches. Situated in the touristy part of the island, expect it to be busy with travelers during peak season, otherwise, enjoy what this charming beach has to offer when you get here.  

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While it’s not the most secluded beach, if you’re ready for fun in the sun, you’ll not be disappointed because Chaweng offers the perfect holiday atmosphere you’ll need to get the party going.   

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Chaweng Beach boasts more options for accommodation and dining and is packed with tourists who are ready to get their tan on and explore water sports activities during the day.

Fun doesn’t stop there though because at nighttime, Chaweng is more alive than ever. As the main nightlife hub on the island, Chaweng is buzzing with cocktail bars and music venues open until past midnight. You will not be disappointed if you like to start your activities after the sun sets.

Location: Chaweng Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Lipa Noi

Contrary to the bustling Chaweng Beach, Lipa Noi is a laid-back destination for those who want a more peaceful and serene vacation. Far from the main tourist area, you’ll find yourself enjoying what nature has to offer as it is on the remote part of the island.

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Situated near the island’s main car ferry, it’s a very convenient location when traveling to Samui from the mainland.

In here, you’ll find a couple of luxury villas for rent and the Samui Dhama Healing Centre, one of the island’s intense fasting spas.

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The beach doesn’t disappoint, of course. Lipa Noi’s fine white sand and shallow water are great for families traveling with kids. Although aside from the beach, there’s not much left to do.

Its remoteness is the main charm of Lipa Noi and is the reason why a huge number of tourists come to this place.

Location: Ko Samui District, Surat Thani, Thailand

Silver Beach

Silver Beach, also known as Haad Thong Ta-Khian which means ‘the beach of ta-khian trees’, is a lesser-known beach located just a few minutes drive away from Chaweng.

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It’s a 250-meter-long paradise with established hotels and restaurants including Crystal Bay Beach Resort, Thongtakian Resort, Silver Beach Resort, and Crystal Bay Yacht Club.

Although it’s relatively small, it packs a punch of activities for solo travelers, couples or families who want to appreciate what the tropical paradise has to offer. You can enjoy snorkeling, rent sea kayaks or get a massage under the trees if you want to take a break from swimming or sunbathing.

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The crystal-clear water and pure white sand though are very inviting. You can also spot small fishes swimming in the water. The perfect time to take a swim would be in the morning as less tourists come out in the early hours.

Crystal Bay Beach Resort which is one of the resorts in Silver beach has a restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor eating areas but the one with a terrace overlooking the sea offers a picturesque view you can’t find elsewhere.

Location: Silver Beach, Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310, Thailand

Choeng Mon Beach

Here’s another great option for travelers who prefer a more laid-back and quiet beach destination! Choeng Mon Beach which is nestled right in the center of Chaweng and Mae Nam is made up of several stretches of powdery white sand and a relaxed atmosphere that appeals to families, couples and honeymooners.

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It has its own high street where you can shop for necessities such as sunscreen, beach towels, stylish sandals or perhaps a bikini?

You can also find banks, laundry areas and car rental shops in Choeng Mon high street which is only a few minutes away from the beach.

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Most of the beach activities are exclusive to resorts like White House, Imperial Boat House and SALA Samui, which leaves tourists nothing to do outside these hotels.

However, for beach lovers, getting some downtime walking on the white beach and soaking in the sun are the main reasons why Choeng Mon is a charming destination they wouldn’t dare miss.

Location: Choeng Mon Beach , Koh Samui, 84320, Thailand

There you have it! Our list of recommended beaches in Samui. Have you taken your pick? For more travel guides in Samui or other Thailand destinations, you can visit https://tourismthailand.sg/ today!

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