Khao Kho

is probably a place that many people may have never been to. Therefore, today we’ll take everyone to dabble in 3 places to travel. We have to tell you that coming here once in a lifetime and your views will change forever. If ready, let’s start with the first place that we’ll lead to the Khao Kho Windmill Field as a point of receiving fresh air all-year round.

Is is a 5.5-hour drive away from Bangkok to Khao Kho will transport you to a magical town above the clouds.

Chilly temperatures throughout the year and unbeatable scenic views have made KhaoKho one of the most famous tourist attractions in Phetchabun province. The KhaoKhomountains comprise a variety of small and large mountains in the Phetchabun range, located in AmphoeKhaoKho. Mountain Serdang trees, or “Ton Kho” in Thai, pepper the mountains, lending the mountains its name. A range of forests can be found here, including deciduous, pine and evergreen forests. The noteworthy Palmae plant, similar to the Asian Palmyra, can sometimes also be spotted here, bearing fruits in bunches like betel nuts.

Within KhaoKho also lies the Haw Memorial, a remembrance statue for the militiamen from the Special Forces, Division 93, who fought in KhaoKho and lost their lives. It is located a little after Km. 23 on Highway 2196. Than Itthi, a weapons museum, is also situated nearby. (After Km. 28 on Highway 2196., turn right onto Highway 2323 and proceed 3 kilometers). The museum displays cannons, military tank remnants and weapons used in the battle on Khao Kho.

Between 1965-1984, this mountainous area was a battleground in the fight between the Thai communist party and the Royal Thai Army. It was established as a minor district (king amphoe) on 21 August 1984, by splitting the two tambon Thung Samo and Khaem Son from Lom Sak District.[3] It was upgraded to a full district on 19 July 1991. Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Lom Kao, Lom Sak and Mueang Phetchabun of Phetchabun Province, Noen Maprang, Wang Thong and Nakhon Thai of Phitsanulok Province, and Dan Sai of Loei Province. The Phetchabun Mountains are a mountain chain in Khao Kho. Khao Kho National Park covers an area of forest Amphoe Lom Kao, Amphoe Lom Sak, Amphoe Mueang Petchabun, and Amphoe Khao Kho and with an area of 304,521 hectares. The forest, which will declare to be Khao Kho National Park, used to be Namtok Than Thip Forest Park. It has high bio-diversity, species and wildlife, beautiful natural tourism places such as the waterfall, caves, isles, islet, cliffs, scenery view point and historical fighting monument encountered between the government and the communist terrorists, which had taken along time before tranquilized. At present has a memorial construction for the heroes who passed away in that war, especially the village’s name, the bridge’s name used first name and last name of the heroes. The beautiful palace made for His majesty the King and Her majesty the Queen in the occasion were be in residence at Khao Kho, Phetchabun.

Explore Khao Kho

Phetchabun  is one of the central or northern provinces of Thailand. It is the lower northern region of Thailand, in the area between the northern and the central region

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