5 Hipster Cafes in Chiang Mai to Sip & Snap This Summer

You and the travel savvy bunch know that a complete trip to Thailand includes a short stop or a 2-week staycation in the feel-good haven of Chiang Mai. Dubbed the new coffee hub among both local and global caffeine enthusiasts, the hipster city keeps spoiling you with emerging Instagram-worthy cafes and house specialty coffee. To help you pick out the absolute best cafes in Chiang Mai, here’s a list of our favorites.


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No.39 Coffee
Set in one of Chiang Mai’s low-key hip neighborhood, No.39 Coffee is your favorite dream girl – down-to-earth and effortlessly cool. The place looks like the universal childhood dream with huge pond in the middle and a homemade tree house. Laze around in the breezy garden, sip your favorite iced drink and have a mouthful of their homemade cake. Did we mention yet that the place is extremely photogenic? Instagrammers, snap till you drop!


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The Ironwood
Take your nature appreciation and coffee break to the next level. Although new to Chiang Mai cafe scene, Ironwood draws all types of cafe hoppers with its iconic cactus glass house and homey vibes. Slow down, breathe in some fresh air and listen to the sound of water flowing in the natural stream right by.


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Clay studio cafe in the Garden
Been to the magnificent Angkor Wat and fallen in love? Clay Studio Cafe is a real treat for you. The cafe lets you munch on homemade drool-worthy mango cheesecake and admire the beautiful Khmer decorations. Regulars love this hidden gem for its blissful quietude, so if you love crowds and loud laughs, our friendly suggestion is to explore other extrovert cafes in the list.


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Akha Ama Coffee
Known and praised for their one-of-a-kind specialty beans, Akha Ama tops the list of all-time classic cafes in Chiang Mai. Besides the top-notch and heavily caffeinated cups, the house’s bagels have been drawing carbs lovers from all over. Jolt yourself awake with a cup of espresso, or spend your slow afternoon in this snug cafe.


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Saruda Finest Pastry
This sweet-tooth heaven does live up to its name, with some of the finest homemade pastries in the neighborhood. From Orange Bliss, Mango Passion and Chocolate Moose with 70% top-notch chocolate, Saruda Finest Pastry really has something for everyone. Some of the edible pieces are also gluten-free, so pastry enthusiasts with dietary restrictions can munch on with zero worries.

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