An Unforgettable Trip To Koh Chang

Koh Chang

As April has arrived, a trip to Koh Chang or Elephant Island is a great idea to spend summer in Thailand. Moreover, there is a large array of activities waiting for you to explore.

Let’s take a look at them: Scuba Diving & Snorkelling, Rua Mard Cruise, Exploring Bang Bao Floating Village, and Island Hopping.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Koh Chang has gradually become one of the popular dive destinations, given its beginner-friendly dive sites and many skillful dive schools. Some recommended dive centers are BB Divers and Scuba Dawgs.

With weak water current and shallow water, people with no diving experience are welcomed. It is also a good place for divers of all levels to refresh their skills. There is a diverse range of diving for you to choose from, including coral pinnacles and shallow sloping reefs.

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The best time for diving at Koh Chang is between November and May. During this period, apart from calm water, you can also clearly see a wide range of marine life such as eel and the odd sea turtle. If you are lucky, you may even spot whale sharks from December to February.

With the numerous islands in the Koh Chang archipelago, snorkeling is another well-known activity. From one coast to another, you will get to explore Koh Chang and nearby small islands, which are home to a vast assortment of reef fish. 

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Rua Mard 

Rua Mard (Rua means boat) was initiated by Salak Khok fisherman village as community-based tourism. This is because the villagers see an employment opportunity from the higher number of tourists visiting the eastern side of Koh Chang. 

While they leverage their paddling skills to earn additional revenue from tourism, they still continue to have fishing as their main stream of income to conserve their old way of life and ensure sufficient livelihood during the off-peak tourist season.

The authentic Rua Mard originates from Ayutthaya province. However, it is adapted for tourism needs. This new boat can host up to 4 people with a table in the middle of the seats. Each boat trip will take around 45 minutes.

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Apart from supporting local business, you will also get to enjoy the scenic view of greenery while immersing yourself in the serene and relaxing atmosphere. You can learn more about locals’ lifestyles as well. 

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Exploring Bang Bao Floating Village

Located in the southern part of Koh Chang, the peaceful Bang Bao pier is another spot you should pay a visit. The pier is an old fishing village built on slits over the water. It is also a place where people take boat trips to neighboring islands like Koh Mak and Koh Koot.

Don’t forget to check out the white lighthouse at the end of the pier. At the top, you can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the village, mountains, bay, and islands. 

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Nearby the pier is Bang Bao market, where you can find restaurants selling fresh seafood, shops selling products from the sea such as ornaments made from shells and other souvenirs.

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Island Hopping

After you are done exploring Koh Chang, how about hopping to Koh Kood?

Koh Kood is where you will experience true peace and relaxation. Although it is smaller and less developed than Koh Chang, it is still a favorite place among those that love beaches, waterfalls, and jungles. 

Don’t miss enjoying the tranquility of Ao Ta Prao Beach. On a quiet day, you may be the only one there!

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You should also visit fishing villages around the islands. One of which is Ao Salat where you can get some fresh food for lunch. 

Now, let’s hop to Koh Mak! There are plenty of activities for you to do at this small-sized island, ranging from water-related sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking to trail exploration by foot or bicycle. 

For vitamin sea, head over to the main beaches: Ao Kao and Ao Suan Yai. You will be impressed by these pretty white beaches and clear blue water. 

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So, if you are planning to visit Koh Chang, don’t miss all these 4 activities. They will surely make your trip a meaningful and unforgettable one!

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