Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 : 02-10 December 2023 Klang Viang (Old City), Chang Moi – Tha Phae

Chiang Mai Design Week is a festival where creative professionals from various
fields, designers, artisans, artists, and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai collaborate to
present innovative designs or new projects that meet people’s lifestyles today,
as well as inviting designers and creators from other cities to share their diverse
creativity culture. Connect cooperation networks and establish business channels
within and outside of the country to boost economic effect.

Every year, the festival strives to provide a forum for people to share their
ideas, connect and collaborate design knowledge while also creating experiences
with design work for children, youth, communities, visitors, or others interested in
a variety of activities such as large-scale design exhibitions, talks, workshops, art
activities, and music performances. It not only brings thrill, but also assists to
comprehend the power of design that is able to enrich the quality of life. Organized
to provide life and vibrancy to the city in order to create a unique atmosphere.
In addition, there are districts with interesting spatial aspects. From the Klang Viang
district, which is rich in arts and culture, as well as a traditional way of life. TCDC
Chiang Mai is located in the Chang Moi – Tha Phae sub-district, which is a source of
modern design knowledge. It has since spread to other significant sites throughout
the city, allowing everyone to view the city from a different perspective while
enjoying numerous creative experiences up close.

In the 9th year of ‘Chiang Mai Design Week,’ we would like to invite designers,
thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, artists, homecoming people, and all interested
parties to join us in moving forward together under the concept of ‘Transforming
Local’ linking all inspirations and ideas to extending old-new knowledge that will
enhance the quality of life. Various international networking programs are
transforming the local economy while also satisfying competitive opportunities.

At the same time, this year’s festival is committed to igniting the local
sustainable living and being environmentally friendly. By giving in a variety of
culinary culture programs which has been grown from the agricultural way of life,
and is recognized as an important basis of local wisdom, arts and crafts, and one of
the reasons propelling the high – potential Chiang Mai economy. Supporting returns
with various ideas and ways of thinking as they explore new opportunities from
local prices. Combining abilities, extensive experience, and creativity to create
a significant intellectual asset based on a deep self awareness and identity.

In addition, to be an experimental stage for challenging potential, developing
competitive talents, and creating new opportunities in the area, this will lead to the
construction of an atmosphere suitable to the work of creators, designers, and
entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Above all, to move toward a creative city
with cultural roots. The culture and artisan abilities that have the capacity to stand
gracefully on the international stage afterall.

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