Market Sri Muang Thong Market: Isan’s mecca of fruits and vegetables 

Sri Muang Thong Market is the largest wholesale and retail of Isan’s horticultural products and a fantastic place that has much to offer. From local herbs you will hardly find anywhere else to fruits from other regions, you will see it here. 

It is not a modern place, but a kind of little maze with roads, giving accessibility to vendors scattering the whole area. Escaping the heat of the afternoon, workers sleep in their secret corners while sellers watch lazy series on television. But after the dark, the market turns chaotic again when trucks arrive to deliver the goods and hundreds of buyers pack the place. 

As the market is a distribution hub of Isan, horticultural products from other regions are offered as well. You can enjoy seasonal fruits such as Longan and vegetables from the North, Durian from the east and and Sataw from the south. You will be amazed by the great variety of fruits and vegetables available in the region. 

Geographically, Khon Kaen is centrally located in the upper region of Isan. It is one of Thailand’s most significant transport hubs. Highway 2 runs through it, the entire route from Nakhon Ratchasima to Nong Khai.   

After visiting the fruit market, it is probably a good idea to relax at Ton Tann Green Market. The open-space Shopping mall offers so many restaurants and shopping opportunities, especially for souvenirs. 

In the southern corner of the city, the Bung Kaen Nakhon Reservoir offers relaxing activities like Fishing at the Lake, walking around or sitting down to watch the water or the people. 

How to get there: Khon Kaen is 390 km from Bangkok accessible via Highway 2. There are many daily flights between Bangkok and Khon Kaen as well.

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