Secret Beach In Phuket – Nui Beach

From the Phuket Old Town, the Big Buddha, to the renowned Patong Beach, Phuket has many attractions for you to see. Apart from these key landmarks, it is also a city full of beautiful beaches and bays.

In this article, we will take you to explore one of the secret beaches in Phuket – Nui Beach and its highlights! 

By the way, don’t mix up Nui Beach and Ya Nui Beach. Although their names are similar, they refer to different places. 

About Nui Beach

Nui Beach, a hideaway cove surrounded by tall coconut trees, is located somewhere between Kata Beach and Nai Harn Beach. 

What makes this hidden beach stand out from others is its photogenicity! Given its several great photo spots, it has recently grown in popularity. 

Furthermore, with a breathtaking view, clear blue seawater, and a wide range of fun activities offered, Nui beach is a perfect place to spend your holiday and get some vitamin sea!



Phuket Swing

One of the main highlights at Nui beach is the Giant Phuket Swing which gets inspiration from the Bali swing. The only difference is the scenery as you are surrounded by the beach instead of greenery. 


You will be safely secured by straps and closely looked after by the staff. So, if you are an adrenaline seeker, you must not miss this activity! 

However, don’t worry if you are afraid of heights. You can also enjoy the fun at the normal swings or a semi-circle swing!


Bird Nest

You likely spot different designs of bird nests as you walk around the beach. They are another check-in spot at Nui beach. Don’t forget to pose for some chic photos with them!


Scuba Diving & Swimming

Another recommended activity here is scuba diving, given its clear seawater. There is a diverse marine life to see, including starfish. There is a scuba shop where you can rent a full set of diving equipment for 1,000 THB and tanks for 500 THB. 


After a long hot day, you may decide to swim in the sea or just chill in the water to freshen up. So, remember to pack your swimsuit before coming here. 

However, if you are not keen on water-related activities, you may just lie down on the sunbed or bring a mat for a picnic on the beach.

Watching Sunset

If you visit Nui beach with your loved one, you should not miss the romantic moment of watching the pretty sunset together. 

The red sunset also makes a fantastic background for some classy photos. So, get your camera ready!


If you are hungry, you can head over to the Water Beach Phuket on Nui Beach to purchase some food and drinks before continuing with the next activity. 

How To Get Here

Finding a way to Nui beach is not that difficult as the entrance that leads up to the beach is just a few hundred meters away from the famous Karon viewpoint. 

From the main entrance, you have options between walking and taking the truck provided by locals to the beach. We recommend the latter choice as the path includes a steep slope and bumpy terrain. However, if you prefer to walk, it will take up to 20 minutes to reach the beach.


Not before long, you will fall in love with this lovely hidden bay in Phuket and its numerous instagrammable spots! Nui beach is also an ideal place for a couple date, family day, or simply a weekend getaway!

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