Thai Wines – Vineyards in Thailand

Thailand’s emergence as a wine-producing country has led to the establishment of several beautiful vineyards across different regions. These Thai vineyards are scattered throughout the country, each offering its own unique charm, wine varieties, and picturesque landscapes.

Here are three vineyards to check out while you are in Thailand.

Monsoon Valley

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Monsoon Valley Vineyard is a prominent award-winning winery situated in the picturesque region of Hua Hin, a 3-hour drive from Bangkok. Established in 2001, it has played a significant role in putting Thai wines on the international map. The vineyard benefits from the unique coastal climate of Hua Hin, creating an ideal environment for grape cultivation. Monsoon Valley is known for producing a wide range of celebrated wines, including Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Shiraz, and Malaga Blanc. The vineyard offers guided tours, wine tastings, and a charming restaurant, The Sala, where guests can enjoy delectable Thai and international cuisine while taking in the stunning views of the vineyard. Adventurous visitors can also rent mountain bikes to explore the vineyard.

Monsoon Valley received a gold medal at the Austrian Wine Competition (AWC) Vienna 2022, one of the world’s largest wine competitions, for its Cuvee de Siam Rouge 2017 vintage, on top of other wines which received silver medals and Seal of Approval awards. The winery also received 14 awards (1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 10 bronze medals) at the 2022 Cathay Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (HKIWSC). 


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GranMonte is a distinguished family-owned winery located in Khao Yai which is about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok. Founded in 1999, it has quickly risen to fame for its commitment to quality and sustainability. GranMonte vineyard has a wine grape planting area of approximately 36 acres and lies in a valley 350 meters above sea level. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Semillon, Verdelho, Durif and Grenache are the current varieties being grown at the vineyard that is operated with a precision farming system called ‘Smart Vineyard’, which incorporates a microclimate monitoring system. The system helps to achieve the best possible quality and higher yield of grapes in this unconventional viticulture climate in Thailand. The vineyard also conducts a fun and educational vineyard tour, which allows visitors to witness the entire winemaking process, from grape cultivation to bottling. The winery also offers a delightful dining experience at the estate’s VinCotto Restaurant, where guests can savor Thai and Italian dishes paired with GranMonte’s finest award-winning wines.

GranMonte received a gold medal and 7 silver medals for its NV GranMonte Crémant Méthode Traditionnelle Extra Brut at AWC Vienna 2022. The 2019 GranMonte Asoke Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah has been selected as the Best Wine from Southeast Asia and also won 2 gold medals in HKIWSC 2022. Other GranMonte wines also brought home 2 silver medals and 6 bronze medals from the same competition.

PB Valley

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Founded in 1989, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery is one of the pioneers of Thailand’s wine industry. Located in the scenic Khao Yai region, about a 15-minute drive from GranMonte, the winery boasts sprawling vineyards set against a backdrop of rolling hills. PB Valley is renowned for producing an array of wines, including Shiraz and Chenin Blanc. The winery offers guided tours that take visitors through the vineyards and its winemaking facilities, allowing them to learn about the wine production process. The on-site Great Hornbill Winery Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience with breathtaking views of the vineyard and mountains. The estate offers exclusive luxury accommodation – a single room with ensuite bathroom in a tent-like house, for visitors who want to spend a night in the vineyard surrounded by the mountains.

PB Valley received a Gold medal for its Shiraz and a Silver medal for its Chenin Blanc at AWC Vienna 2017.

Visiting Thai vineyards offers not only an opportunity to sample unique and flavorful wines but also a chance to explore Thailand’s diverse geography and culture. With their commitment to sustainable practices and continuous improvement in winemaking techniques, Thai vineyards are gradually earning their place in the international wine scene. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a casual wine lover, a visit to these Thai vineyards promises an enriching and enjoyable experience amidst nature’s splendor

With our introduction to these vineyards and wineries, we hope you have been inspired to visit Thailand. For more recommendations on what to do around Thailand, visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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