Unbox your Adventurous Side: Explore the Cliffs and Ocean of Thailand

From North to South, Thailand holds a plethora of natural wonders, from steep and lush cliffs overlooking the blue ocean to the crystal clear snorkeling spots where hundreds of thousands of fish live. Discover your own Thailand adventure here.


1) Pump up your adrenaline on the cliffs of Yao Noi Island

Tucked between the renowned Phuket and Krabi is the secluded and magical Yao Noi island. Besides blissful quietude and a spectacular view of Hong Island, Yao Noi island’s claim to fame is its ubiquitous world class cliffs that draw thrill seekers from across the globe. The climbs are of varying challenges, but offer similar breathtaking view overlooking the lush and thick jungle.


2) Flex your muscles at Sticky Waterfall

This is where your years of Sunday afternoon indoor climbing might come in handy. Ditch the picture of your typical falls and get ready to climb up the spectacular Sticky Waterfall. Well-endowed with gigantic rocks, the natural wonder sees fun-loving adventurers journey their way up to the top on all fours. The climb itself is worth every bead of sweat and splash.

Treat your adventurous side with a climb up the Sticky Waterfall
Treat your adventurous side with a climb up the Sticky Waterfall


3) Zipline your way through the lush jungle of Chiang Mai

More than its zigzagging lines of quirky eateries and bars, Chiang Mai also offers adventurous spirits a road into the wild, on a zipline. Float your way through the air and immerse in the verdant world of lush and rich jungle. Emerging on the other side, you will find yourself fresh and in awe of the sheer power a small adventure has.

Encounter majestic animals on your adventure at Khao Yai National Park
Encounter majestic animals on your adventure at Khao Yai National Park


4) Hike through the epic forest of Khao Yai National Park

Every once in a while, treat life with the clean air and clear view it deserves. Take a break from your big city routine and head out for an escapade into the forest of Khao Yai National Park. Hike up the luscious trail and keep an eye out for the majestic wild creatures you might cross path with. Then, just hike and let the wild reignite the adventurous spark in you.


5) Step up your outdoor game at Grand Canyon Chiang Mai & on a bamboo raft

To the untamed soul and the muscles, an adventure up the gigantic rocks, down a stream and through the beautiful hidden routes are just the right match. Explore beyond the surface of Chiang Mai and climb up the otherworldly Grand Canyon rock formations, hike up a small village and wade your way down a stream on a bamboo raft. Let the breeze and a few splashes pat you on the back for having unboxed your adventurous side!

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